David Carliner established the firm, now Carliner and Remes, as one of the first immigration law firms in Washington in the early 1950’s. Headed by Robert A. Remes, who has specialized in immigration and nationality law since 1977, the firm has three attorneys and one legal assistant.

We have many decades of experience in defeating deportation proceedings, obtaining legal status through permanent or temporary employment, changing to student status, securing asylum for refugees who fear persecution because of political opinion, female genital mutilation, religion or sexual preference, and attaining citizenship. We may also be able to persuade the immigration authorities to exercise prosecutorial discretion to abandon removal proceedings or grant deferred action status when there are no other alternatives for the client. In appropriate cases we can avoid the time-consuming process of labor certification by showing that a skill, experience or qualification is in the national interest or reflects exceptional or extraordinary ability.

Our practice is devoted exclusively to immigration and nationality law, representing families, small businesses, and corporations before the Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS). Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Immigration Courts, Board of Immigration Appeals, and Federal District Courts and Courts of Appeals.

We are especially proud of our ability to explain the complexities of US immigration law in terms that are understandable to everyone and at the same time complete, accurate, and excellent. We take as much time as necessary to answer all questions. Carliner and Remes has a long-standing reputation for telling all of our clients the truth about eligibility for a benefit or relief.  Of course, we can never promise an outcome, but we will never start any case without full and complete disclosure of problems and issues. And, when there are no present options, we will tell you this with honesty and sympathy.

Most cases are handled on a flat-fee basis, plus expenses, determined by the particular case, so clients are able to meet with the attorney or legal assistant working on their case when there is a question without being charged for each call or letter. This allows a client to know the total legal fee before a case starts, excepting unforeseen circumstances.

We are located conveniently on Connecticut Avenue between Farragut Square and Dupont Circle, near parking and the Metro and in the center of downtown Washington.