Becoming a Client

Choosing a Lawyer

It is very important to choose your attorney carefully. Many people rely upon referrals from friends or relatives and this is certainly a useful source of information. You should also consider the years of experience of the firm and the attorney.

You may wish to be careful about choosing an attorney based on his or her ability to speak your language or because he or she comes from your country. While it is necessary to be able to communicate clearly and completely with your attorney, even if he or she cannot speak your language you can bring a friend or relative to help translate.

You should make sure the attorney you are considering is able to explain the law and any possible strategy and any problems to you in a way that is clear and understandable. You should never leave your attorney’s office without understanding everything that you have been told. If you do not understand, you should ask for clarification, even if you find yourself asking the same question over and over again. It is your attorney’s job to explain everything to you clearly and completely.


Since Carliner and Remes charges clients on a flat fee basis, you are not charged for telephone calls or office visits. If you feel it is necessary to make an appointment to meet with your attorney, you should do so. Such appointments are always permitted.

At the time of your first visit, you will be asked to pay a consultation fee, which will be applied to the total legal fee if you retain us.

What to Bring With You

Please bring your passport, I-94 card, any immigration papers, and a list of questions you wish to discuss when you come for your initial appointment.  If you do not speak or understand English, please come with a friend or family member who can translate.

In all employment-related cases, it would be useful for you bring to your appointment not only the Employer Information Form but also the most recent business tax return. Having this information will allow us to verify that the employer is suitable and will be able to pay your salary to the satisfaction of the CIS. You might also want to bring school transcripts and experience letters if you have them.

In family-related cases, it is helpful if you bring birth, marriage and divorce certificates.